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     "We have been satisfied customers of Taranto Construction Co. for a few years. Our first renovation included the complete renovation of both bathrooms. Our most recent work replaced close to all the windows in our home, a new basement door, and front glass/screen door. Taranto is our choice for being respectful, punctual, and professional."

~Anthony C.

The exterior of your home is equally as important as the interior for both aesthetics and function. The exterior of your house is something you’ll have to see every time to enter or leave your home, but damaged siding and let in water and cause leaks and rot away at walls.  The exterior of your house protects against the elements.  Make sure you keep it weather tight with windows, doors, roofing,  and siding.  Taranto Is also a Certified Andersen installer.  We work with Andersen to get you the right application for your project.

Roof, Siding Repairs & Installation

Windows, Doors, Roofing & Siding

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Taranto Construction are professionals at transforming or recreating some of the greatest features of your house or property.  We specialize in high end restoration of trim work as well as window and door install.  Our siding team is second to none.  We dedicate ourselves to detail and finish so your project looks how it looks in your dreams.  From small repairs to full house renovations, doors, trim, siding, and roofing... Make sure your houses exterior shines as brightly as it's interior.  Call us today to see how we can help!

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